In addition to Sport Pilot Certification, Sport Pilot Chicago's upper-tier instructors can help you with Private, Instrument, Multi-Engine, and Commercial.

Sport Pilot Chicago specializes in flight instruction and the rental of Light Sport aircraft and we are dedicated to the Light Sport Initiative. We currently have two Evektor Sportstars (the #1 light sport trainer in America) available for instruction/rental. Your training can start immediately. An FAA Medical is not required, just a valid drivers license. You can obtain your Sport Pilot certificate in as few as 20 hrs consisting of 15 hrs. dual instruction and 5 hrs of solo time. Sport Pilot Chicago offers a complete flight training curriculum that consists of ground school and dual instruction. We also encourage continuing education if you would like to go on and pursue your Private pilot certificate. Whichever category pilot certificate you are pursuing we can certainly help you along your journey.

We can help you achieve your dream of pilot certification. Your training with us will lead to passing your FAA check-ride the first time around utilizing the Gleim training series. With over thirty-seven years of instructing and flight school experience, we are committed to your safe and enjoyable flight instruction and aircraft rental needs. Feel free to call us at with any questions regarding your can get started today...!

Sport Pilot Chicago offers high quality instruction. Our chief intstuctor is rated

  • Gold Seal
  • CFI
  • CFII
  • MEI
  • AGI

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